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The idea for the "The Last Word Is Bliss" blog was born over the Christmas holidays, when all my creative activities reached critical mass; and I had to find another way to share 'em or I was going to alienate my family and half the neighborhood. It's tough to keep the normal dynamics of routine chit-chat flowing in a peaceably relaxed manner when one of the participants keeps piping up with "Oh, that reminds me: Guess what I figured out you can do with old tuna can lids, some beads, and a glue gun!!!"

When my excitement and pride over a new crafty invention threatens to dominate all my human-to-human encounters, I will turn to this blog to get it out of my system. It's my own personal show-and-tell (In my opinion, the need for show-and-tell really should be acknowledged as necessary for a happy normal life well beyond Kindergarten.). So the purpose of this is Bliss - primarily mine; but if Bliss to you is using your creativity to make neat stuff too, then that probably explains why you're here. And I can appear normal by sharing my Bliss with you via this blog . . . instead of telling the cashier at the local grocery all about things you can make with old egg cartons.

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