Finally! I Got Around to Using My Sugru!!!

What with moving house, homeschooling, and plain old-fashioned laziness, I kept my packets of Sugru idle and unused until about a month before their expiration date.  After using globs of it for uninspired, but needed repairs to various kitchen implements, I did one little artistic thing:

Behold!  My cute little Sugru Mouse, whose job is to keep my iPhone cord from slipping off my desk whenever I unplug my phone after charging.  He's just heavy and "grippy" enough to keep it from sliding off and falling back behind my desk.

The tail curls rigidly, but is not attached to his back, and is "bendy" enough so that I can slip the cord into and out of the loop.  I'm ordering more packets of Sugru now.  They've got so many more colors to chose from!

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