Mosaics Out of Paint Sample Cards

Ah . . . so little time; so many, many ideas!  But once in awhile I get to do something creative.  I have been meaning to try out making mosaics using snipped-up paint sample cards from the hardware store (I do have too many of these accumulating in the house, what with two vacation rental condos to decorate and a need to be really, really sure I'm picking the right color for a room).  Well, as my darling daughter and I are studying Ancient Rome in history at the moment, making a mosaic design fit in well as an enrichment activity; so I got to hit the proverbial "two birds" today.

So above is Emily's (using this project as an opportunity to make a "Get Well" card for her Grandma.  And here is my effort.  (Not sure why we both felt inclined to make a fish.  Still it's a nice little subject to start out on.)

And, last but not least, Emily's inevitable return to her favorite animal . . . although, she is also rather enamored of  bunnies lately . . .
So anyway, card paper, scissors, a bunch of sample paint cards from the hardware store, and good old Elmer's glue:  A fun way to while away the hours some afternoon - And you can save the nearly $4.00 you'd be otherwise contributing to some greeting company's bottom line by making some of these for those occasions when you want to send something in the mail to friends and family.

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