"The Last Word Is Bliss" blog initially began in 2009, over the Christmas holidays, when all my creative activities reached critical mass; and I had to find another way to share 'em or I was going to alienate my family and half the neighborhood. It's tough to keep the normal dynamics of routine chit-chat flowing in a peaceably relaxed manner when one of the participants keeps piping up with "Oh, that reminds me: Guess what I figured out you can do with old tuna can lids, some beads, and a glue gun!!!"

When my excitement and pride over a new crafty invention threatened to dominate all my human-to-human encounters, I vowed to turn to this blog to "get it out of my system." So, this blog started out, and served for many years, as my own personal show-and-tell. (In my opinion, the need for show-and-tell really should be acknowledged as necessary for a happy normal life well beyond Kindergarten.) So the purpose of this is Bliss - primarily mine. But if Bliss for you is using your creativity to make neat stuff too, then that probably explains why you're here. And I can appear normal by sharing my Bliss with you via this blog . . . instead of being that crazy lady holding up the line at the local grocery because she's too focused on telling the cashier about all the things you can make with old egg cartons.

This past winter we moved to our new home on beautiful Beech Mountain, North Carolina. As it was December and very snowy, we didn't get out a lot. But that was ok, because big windows and plentiful wildlife, provided us with lots of exciting adventures. I spent many long evenings by a cozy fire discovering a newfound passion for working with felt. The winter's accumulation of cunning little woodland friends led me to Etsy as a way to find them new homes, so an increasing number of my postings will probably include links to my store, whenever I have gotten too enthusiastic over the thing I have figured out how to make, resulting in a lot of extras.  So now, there are two options:  make a copy of whatever neat thing I'm making for yourself . . . or (if you don't have the time or energy) just let me make one for you!

Heather Chapman

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